5% Rewards in $USDT

Redistributed to all the holders on every buy and sell transaction

4% Buy-back

A solid Buy-back system to maintain a healthy chart overtime.

3% Marketing

In order to make it a sustainable project and build more exposure.



$SOLANUP only applies 12% fees on every buy and sell transaction for its community’s interest.
For the sustainability of the Project, we have deployed a Buy-back System to keep the chart healthy ;
For Our Holders passive income, We have deployed a Rewards System.
To gain more exposure, a Marketing wallet has been put in place in order to pay for the partnerships and Ads.



$SOLANUP is a community driven project based on the Binance Smart Chain. By HOLDing $SOLANUP, you will receive $USDT automatically to your wallet and enjoy the NFTs ecosystem. The first milestone for our Project is a successful Presale and Launch, then Holders will receive $USDT automatically to their wallets. NFTs giveways are scheduled on the Launch date and Giveaway in cash & $SOLANUP¨are to be organized throughout our Project’s lifetime.


Phase 1 – LAUNCH
    - Build a big community on Telegram
    - $SOLANUP dominant on every social media
    - Website launch
    - Smart Contract creation
    - First Giveaway
Phase 2 – GROWTH
    - Marketing endeavors
    Influencers, AMAs on several community groups, banners, sponsorships…
    - NFT Giveaway
    - Public Presale on Pinksale
    - Marketing pre-launch
    - Launch on PCS
    - 2nd Giveaway.
    - 1500+ holders
    - Listing on CMC & CG
    - Community giveaways
    - Listing on bigger exchanges
Phase 4 – UTILITY
  • Will be communicated after the Launch


At this early stage, $SOLANUP will be available in a Presale on Pinksale and then open to Trading on Pancakeswap 24h later. Our Token will be available for Trading on bigger exchanges later on.

By Holding $SOLANUP, all investors will receive Rewards in $USDT automatically to their Wallets + 3 winners will be selected for an NFTs Giveaway

$SOLANUP contract is designed to be 100% SAFU to all the Holders, 100% of the Liquidity is locked for 1 year where 5% will be vested at Pinksale as part of the Anti-Rug protocol.